Zimmer Motor Car Company
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ZIMMERŪ Quicksilver

In 1985, ZIMMERŪ introduced a new more modern-looking car, called the ZIMMERŪ Quicksilver. Only about 170 Quicksilvers were built before Zimmer closed down in 1988. The new Zimmer motor car company has no plans to bring back the Quicksilver, we are only mnufacturing new Zimmer Golden Spirits.

The Quicksilver used as a base car the mid-engine sports car, Pontiac Fiero.

We are searching for a source for some ZIMMERŪ Quicksilver parts. If you know the whereabouts of any, please contact the Parts Dept. (See pg. 9.) We don't have any quicksilver parts but do have a list of about 30 Quicksilver owners and copies of some old original Quicksilver literature.

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